Tackling In-Work Poverty

SBC is working with businesses across the country to tackle in-work poverty.

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Scottish Business in the Community (SBC) works with our members and partners to strengthen communities so people can thrive, businesses can flourish sustainably and Scotland is a greener place in which to live.

Destiny should not be determined by Demography graphic

‘Business must engage more with schools’ says CBI President

26 November 2015: The President of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) will today call on business to partner with primary schools and build more effective links between the classroom and boardroom. Business will be implored to ensure that the destiny of young people is not determined by their demography in a keynote speech by […]

Glasgow Caledonian University

Festival aims to position Glasgow as a centre of ethical thinking

19 November 2015: Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is sponsoring The Only Way is Ethics, an eight-day festival of ethics which will take place across Glasgow from 29 November. With a strong focus on social responsibility, social inclusion and animal rights, the festival aims to generate a city-wide conversation, by asking how ethical thinking can make […]